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The further adventures of Stanley Ipkiss and his magic reality defying mask.

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original title: The Mask

genge: Animation,Action,Adventure,Comedy,Crime,Fantasy,Mystery,Sci-Fi


imdb: 7.1

duration: 30min



keywords: mask, cartoon, cartoonseries, animateddog, dog, slapstickcomedy, surrealhumour, surrealism, greenskin, magicalmask, basedoncomicbook, culttv, breakingthefourthwall, darkhorsecomics, superhero, secreti

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In Edge City, Stanley Ipkiss tries to live a normal life, but the ever-present magic Mask of Loki in his possession has other plans. Now, whenever there is evil or Stanley is in danger or annoyed, he cannot resist donning the artifact to become The Mask, a manic superhero unbounded by anything, including physical reality. Against various villains who scheme against the city or try to gain the Mask of Loki for themselves, The Mask is not just powerful, he's smokin. The further adventures of Stanley Ipkiss and his magic reality defying mask. After the 1994 movie The Mask came out what better way for Hollywood to do but to release a TV show based on this film. The animated series which aired from 1995-1997 is about a man named Stanley Ipkiss who lives in Edge City with his dog Milo and works as a bank clerk in Edge City Bank where everyone treats him like a loser and a sore thumb. One night however he stumbles across the mask(pretty much like the Jim Carrey one minus Tina Caryle played by Cameron Diaz)and Stanley puts it on and turns into the zoot-suited creature dubbed The Mask.From here on in mayhem occurs.

Rob Paulsen(who voiced one of the charcthers in Animanics and the voice of Prince Eric in The Little Mermaid 2)did a fantastic job as the voice of Stanley/The Mask. I even loved how they made the charcther just like Jim Carrey(you could say it was him but with a different voice and in cartoon form).

Overall this was a childhood classic and I used to watch it everyday on TV. If you haven't seen it I suggest you go and watch it.

But do not watch Son Of The Mask,that is just terrible. This was like one of the best shows of the 90s! I really enjoyed the movie, but I liked the cartoon the most. The cartoon was absolutely hilarious and I couldn't get enough of the slapstick humor of that show, it never gets old. All of us fans wish it would come back on TV, but we can only dream though. I also thought that when this rockin' show was real popular to the kiddies (like me), The Mask, Stanley's alter ego was probably every kid's idol and hero, I know he was to me and he still is my idol and hero today. The Mask rocked my Television every Saturday Morning and we all can bring back that memory like it was yesterday. Rob Paulsen did top notch voice acting on Stanley and The Mask and that's one thing we'll never forget. The Mask rocked my Saturday mornings. I'll never forget that show, never.


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